Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog post 3: How do you print those labels?


I  just finished typing the information for stamps number S37-S66! now what?
Save it!!!

  • Why should you save each file?  

But why save  So if 5-7 years from now I decide I want to change the labels, or add more information or one falls off and gets eaten by the vacuum cleaner., or I get sick of my storage pockets and want to use something else.....I don't want to retype.

  • Where should you save it?  

You have options: the Avery online or on your computer.
I saved it on their online space. It's free and I can access it from any computer...key point since....
I break computers every few years. I don't know how...one day they work, then the next they don't.  Many times they can't be fixed so I end up with a new one.  This time around we decided I should get a Mac and I have been very happy (knock on wood).

  • Name the file:  

Name it something you will find in 5 years should you need it.  Naming it "labels" is NOT enough.  Better to write "Avery 8257 - S33-S67 stamp labels".  That way I know exactly what is on that file, and should I need to print again I can tell which type of label I used, an Avery 8257.

  • Prin them!!!!
Click Print!  A new window pops up, click on preview.
Make sure you have it at 100% scale.
Click Print and wait!
Make sure you feed it straight!!  
Do NOT use the regular paper tray  - or you will be cleaning 30 labels from your rollers!!

Use the little one that is on the front of your printer used for thick or specialty paper. Open both the front and the back so the paper has a way out...or again you will be pealing labels off the printer for a few days!!

Here is a super short video to get you there!

For now...this is the last post on organization.
I am sure more will come in the future.

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