Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog post 3: How do you print those labels?


I  just finished typing the information for stamps number S37-S66! now what?
Save it!!!

  • Why should you save each file?  

But why save  So if 5-7 years from now I decide I want to change the labels, or add more information or one falls off and gets eaten by the vacuum cleaner., or I get sick of my storage pockets and want to use something else.....I don't want to retype.

  • Where should you save it?  

You have options: the Avery online or on your computer.
I saved it on their online space. It's free and I can access it from any computer...key point since....
I break computers every few years. I don't know how...one day they work, then the next they don't.  Many times they can't be fixed so I end up with a new one.  This time around we decided I should get a Mac and I have been very happy (knock on wood).

  • Name the file:  

Name it something you will find in 5 years should you need it.  Naming it "labels" is NOT enough.  Better to write "Avery 8257 - S33-S67 stamp labels".  That way I know exactly what is on that file, and should I need to print again I can tell which type of label I used, an Avery 8257.

  • Prin them!!!!
Click Print!  A new window pops up, click on preview.
Make sure you have it at 100% scale.
Click Print and wait!
Make sure you feed it straight!!  
Do NOT use the regular paper tray  - or you will be cleaning 30 labels from your rollers!!

Use the little one that is on the front of your printer used for thick or specialty paper. Open both the front and the back so the paper has a way out...or again you will be pealing labels off the printer for a few days!!

Here is a super short video to get you there!

For now...this is the last post on organization.
I am sure more will come in the future.

If you missed the first two I will link them here:

Blog post 1:  Adding labels to my stamp sets
 Video for blog post 1: Video about deciding to add labels
Blog post 2: How to create labels 
 Video for blog post 2: Video on How to create labels

My post for MFT Sketch Challenge 316


I am loving MFT stamps and wanted to be part of the Sketch Challenge # 316.  
MFT challenges start on Wednesdays and today is Tuesday evening, 
so I better hurry up and post!!

The sketch I followed:   

Because my elf was looking to the right, I had to flip the sketch a bit.  
Instead of a flag I added my sentiment "happy 2017" using die cuts.  
I wished I had cut the 17 in a different color, but ohh well!

Materials I used:
Stamp: MFT Santa's Elf
Background stamp: Heidi Swapp's Chevron
Dies: Mama Elephant Happy 
Row of tiny stars
Die: Lawn Fawn Stitched Rectangle die (largest of the small set)
Ink: Stampin' Up Old Olive
Brother Scan N Cut 2 to cut the image (No fussy cutting for this girl)

From my stash:
X-stitched Semi Circle Arch Dies (I love these) 
Chunky Numbers die set

Copics used:
Olive greens: YG99-97-95-93
 Skin: E11-21-00
Red: RV69, R29-27

A quick post so I can get my entry in before midnight!

UPDATE: The challenge closed before I posted this :(

I hope you liked it!!!



Blog post 2: How to create the labels (Avery 5287)


This is part 2 of my Organization week project.
As stated on my last blog post I wanted to add some information
to my stamp sets and I did so by adding address labels.

As usual I went to YouTube to learn how to create them, 
but didn't find a video I could follow along 
and create mine at the same time.  
As a result, I created this blog post and video (linked below).

Creating these labels was not hard, but it took me a little bit 
to get my groove on and make it look easy :)

  • What you will need to follow my printing process:

Avery labels 8257
Design & print software from Avery (free)
Stamp list or catalog:  if you don't already have a list of all of your stamps, 
then you will be typing for a while.

time & patience :)

  • Process
Step 0:  Open your stamp list, have it ready! I kept mine on the right side of my screen 
               because I am a righty.  Yes, this is Step 0, because I was already typing step 7 when I 
               realized I needed this open :).  In engineering this is the equivalent of duct tape!

Step 1: Download the right software for your computer. Go to www.avery.com 
             On the template tab: choose Design & Print Software
             I have a Mac, so I chose Mac.

Step 2: Click on Avery to go back to HOME
             Now choose weather you want to print them yourself or have Avery print them.
            I chose the left option: I will print myself...Instant gratification!!!

Step 3: Scroll down:  Choose the project:  Address & Shipping Labels

Step 4: CRUCIAL STEP: Enter the product number : 8257.  So you get the right template!

Step 5: Choose the design you want printed on your table. I chose the blank one.

Step 6:  Once you have the right template...its time to get to work. 
               On the right side you have options to choose to edit one at a time or edit all.
               Choose EDIT ALL to start with, so that you can get all the font and size all set, and    
               even among all of the labels.

Step 7:  Do you have your stamp list?  
              Start typing or copy and paste from your stamp list.  
              By now you know what you want written on your stamp labels.
              I chose to add 4 pieces of information:
                    Stamp number & manufacturer = S-02 Stampin' Up
                    Stamp set's name & number of stamps in the set = Wild about you (8)
* Video tip:  In the video I show you how to mark your stamp list so you don't loose your place and end up creating 3 labels for the same stamp set.  hint: Bold the excel list after you have copied each name over to the Avery template!!  It takes a second to do and it's worth it.

Step 8: By having the EDIT ALL chosen, what I just typed will populate to every cell.
              Don't panic, that is okay!
              You will now edit the font type and font size.  I chose Georgia and 12.
              Now all of my 30 labels read the same and have the same font and font size and are   
              centered just the way I want it!  Do you have 30 of the same stamp set...nether do I.       
               So now we need to work on each label individually!

Step 9:  Change to EDIT ONE, click on the next cell and start working on S-03, then S-04, 
               then S-05......S-1,000,001 No judging from me :)

Step 10: You have typed in all 30 stamp names.  Now save and print - that is the next blog post!!!

Did I loose you???  
What the video!!!!  
It's worth it!!!!
btw: its the same video linked at the top of this post :)

Others tips and trick you will see in the video: 
How to save, where to save and where.  
Made a mistake...how to fix it!!

  • What if you don't want to use the Avery Address Labels?

$$$: Address labels are not the only way to do this, other options include 
using a label maker (I thought this option to be too expensive for me). 

$: A more economical option could be to type the information on Word or Excel 
and print that, you would need to cut each one and then glue or
 tape them using clear tape to your storage system.

Next blog post and video:
Now that you created the labels...How do you print them?

I do hope you found this helpful.  
This process made sense in my head :) 
and I tried to explain it the best I could.
If you don't get it..that is ok...everyone's brain works differently! 
No nasty comments please!
 There is no need for that!  
If you loved it, share the love with a nice comment!


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blog post 1: Adding labels to my stamp sets: Why? What? Where?


January is organization month, right?!
And although I have yet to organize any closets in my home,
my craft room is looking good!

Today I want to share my adding labels to my stamp sets.  
In this blog post and in the corresponding You Tube Video (linked below)
 I answer the following questions:

1. Why?
2. What I used?
3. What information I added?
4. Where to place the labels?

1. Why do I need to add labels to my stamp sets? 

Reason 1:
I want to locate the stamp information quickly.  I find myself making more cards, videos, and blog posts and not having stamp set information readily available.  As you know I store my stamps in Stamp Storage Pockets, and I don't usually save original packaging.

Reason 2:
How many times have you finished creating and thought you were missing a stamp, but weren't sure? This happens to me a lot.  Maybe you don't have a picture of the stamp set in the storage pocket.  Maybe that tiny, little heart got stuck to your ATG gun. 
Or one of your kids called you while you were putting things away.... 
Having this information in the label helps me keep all my stamp sets together!
Now I know if I start with 10 stamps and 10 stamps made it back in the storage pocket.  
If I only have 9...let the search party begin!
I have lost stamps and dies before....it is not a happy moment.
BTW: my lost stamp and die are still lost!

Labeling might not help you if you loose things, 
but it will help you realize you lost something sooner. 
While you are still at your desk or work station.

2. What I used?

There are many ways to create labels.  I used AVERY 8257 Return address labels.
I have over 200+ stamp sets, plus dies, embossing folders, stencils... 
So I needed something economical and that I could do quickly.  
My plan was to do all of them in one weekend.  If you are like me, and a project is longer than one weekend it may or may not get finished. :)  I see you nodding your head!

Besides the Avery 8257 labels, I needed a computer, and a printer.  I followed the Avery 8257 template online, so I had to download that as well.  I also created an account at Avery, since I do not want to save all of these labels to my own computer and I could save them to their site for free.  
If you are like me, I break a computer every few years :) my husband thinks its a mystery.  
If I save them to my MAC and I loose my computer they are all gone. 
If I save them in AVERY's site they are there forever.
I may never need them, but I have them if I do!

The last thing I needed was a list of my stamps.  
I am pretty organized already, so I have a list of my stamps with stamp number, stamp name, etc. on my computer.  I printed it to have it handy, but found I was able to grab the information right from my computer and save time on re typing all of that stuff!!
I keep my Stamp List on Excel.

3. What information I added?

I chose to add four things:

The Stamp Number*
Manufacturer's name
Stamp set's name
Number of stamps within the stamp set  
If a stamp set has a coordinating set of dies, I added that as well.
Including: the die set number and the number of dies in the set. 

S stands for stamps and F stands for framelit dies.

*The Stamp Number: This is how I catalog my stamps, each stamp set has a number and it gets added to my stamp catalog.  I keep a digital copy of my huge catalog on my iPhone - always with me. 
I never buy two of anything anymore!  
My catalog follows Tiffany Spaulding's The Scraprack Organization system. 
She offers free webinar and it amazing!

Other important details:
Font: Georgia
Size: 12
I chose to use only 2 lines of text instead of 3.
I felt with 3 it was too crowded.

In the video I show you how a 12 Font and 14  compare. 
I also show you a label with 3 lines and compare it to the 2 line label.

4. Where to place the labels?

I placed them on the top right corner of my stamp storage pocket.

Example of where I placed the labels: Top right corner of pocket.
I thought I knew where I wanted them before I started, then I changed my mind. 
Here is my thought process...Everyone I saw on YouTube has their labels on the top left corner of their pockets, and I liked that.  However, my storage system is comprised of cubbies. 
Which means I can't see the left side of my stamps sets, I can only see the right side.
And that is how I chose!
 Here some pictures of my cubbies! 
I got these cubbies a while back at Staples.

My stamp storage: cubbies.
A closer look at one of the cubbies.
You can see the stamps with the new labels.

Next blog post is COMING UP SOON
on: How to create the labels?

I am sure you can't wait!
Now go get organized too!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coloring a bit!!!


I have been sick with a nasty cold so I haven't been crafting much.
Finally today I feel better and wanted to do some coloring.
These digital stamps are from the 2CuteInk December 2016 release.

I used Copic Markers and I hope you like them!!

The colors on the poinsetta: R37, 29, 27, RV25. 
Greens: G29, 16, 05, 03
YR24, Y38-35

The blues on the penguin: B18-16-14.
Penguins scarf: RV25, 14, 13
Oranges: YR18, 15
grays: W2-00

I didn't write the colors I used on the other 3 images, so I can't include them here. However the reds are RV69, R46, 29, and 27.

Hope you are keeping warm!!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Card following MFT Sketch Challenge # 314


I am all about MFT lately, so here is my first challenge.
I am following Sketch No. 314.
 Click here to join in the fun #MFTSC314
I did invert it a bit so that my elf wouldn't be looking into dead space :)

As part of my new year resolution, I am trying to link my blog and youtube channel, 
so I made a short video showing how I put this card together.

I hope you enjoy it!

Materials used to create this card include:

MFT Santa's Elves stamp set
Diagonal stripes embossing folder by Darice
Gina Marie Designs Wonky Rectangles die
Cardstock: Michael's 100# cardstock
Copic markers

I hope you enjoy!
Have a great week!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How do you store your taller MFT stamps?


Happy New Year...Feliz Año Nuevo 2017

Organization is always a hot topic after the Holidays...
if you, like me, made it in the NICE list that is :)

Santa gifted me with several new stamp sets. 
Among them a few are from MFT, which tend to be a little taller than most.

The issue: The taller 4" x 8" MFT stamp sets do not fit in the regular pockets I currently use. 
 See picture below.

My current method of stamp storage: Avery Elle Stamp Storage pockets.
Avery Elle Pocket Size:  Approximately 5 3/8" x 7 1/4"

What to do?
Option 1: Buy larger pockets. MFT sells them.
Option 2: Make your own taller pocket. I made a video for this option.

Those two options are not really good for me at the moment,
since my Avery Elle pockets are in cubes, which height is set at 7 1/2".  
Soooo...taller pockets are a no go!

What do I do now?
- Make the MFT stamps fit into my current stamp pocket system!!

Change the configuration of the stamp set to be wider instead of taller. 

hmmmmm....read below!!!
or watch the video
I made 2 videos :)


For this I re-arranged the stamps!!!

I tried to keep most in the same spot they were, 
that way I kept the integrity of the way the stamp set looked as best I could.
Then I repositioned the ones that were over the 7" mark.  

For this set I moved 6 of the stamps:
The elf with the gift,
the stocking,
I hope Santa spoils you rotten,
You are a friend like no-one elf
the snowflakes, and
the ornament.

This photo shows the AFTER and the BEFORE :)

Just in case a link to this video is here.  
Apparently the video cut off :( and yes I deleted the footage!

I also taped the process using MFT's Adorable Elephants!!!
The full video is here 


In this videos I used the Precision Tool from WRMK.
Here is a video explaining how the tool works.
It's fantastic BTW!!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post
and the info in it helps as you get your new goodies organized.

Talk soon.