Friday, October 21, 2016

Take 4: Three Amigos : Yellow

This cutie is Take 4: Yellow Cat!!!

This is the last card, for now, from this stamp set...but many more are coming. I love the sayings and the fact that they are holding the board is so cute. It is a very versatile stamp set. It just occurred to me that maybe, just made, you'd want to see the actual stamp set.
Here is a picture form the Mama Elephant website.

What did I use?
Cat: Mama Elephant: Three Amigos
Wood Grain panel: Stampin Up Truly Grateful
Die 1: Square stitched dies b My Creative Time
Die 2: MFT border die 
Glossy accents & wink of stella


Monday, October 17, 2016

Take 3: Three Amigos Raccoon

This cutie is Take 3: RACCOON alert!!!

One of the friends I met at the 2016 EXPO loves everything BLACK!!!
So, I just had to color this little raccoon for her. 
I added a splash of pink for some extra color, 
I do hope she liked it!!

What did I use?
Raccoon: Mama Elephant: Three Amigos
Wood Grain panel: Stampin Up Truly Grateful
Die 1: Square stitched dies b My Creative Time
Die 2: Wonky rectangle by Gina Marie (my favorite at the moment)
Glossy accents & wink of stella

Also see my 2016 EXPO Haul Video here  


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: WRMK Precision Press Tool & video

My Precision Press tool is here!!!

I just got my shipment from HSN!!!  
I was supposed to wait until Christmas, but got concerned after reading people's reviews so I opened it and checked it out. 


So much that I decided to create a blog post 
& a video showing you how it works. 


I added a stamping video (link above)
where I compared stamping the same image using:  
(1) a regular acrylic block 
(2) stamping with my new WRMK Precision Press 
(3) using my homemade FrankenMisti-like stamping tool
I added photos as well on the Stamping section of this post..keep reading!

My observations:
  • I love it & will use it all the time!
  • There is a learning curve with this product, it varies on how wet your ink pad is and how much pressure you apply. So practice, practice, practice, play, play, play, and you will be fine. 
  • Rulers: There are rulers everywhere. On the acrylic and on the surface/platform once you open the machine - marked at every 1/8". Here a picture of the grooves and the rulers, both in English and metric systems. The numbers inside the platform are carved in, and if you have tired eyes it might be hard to see.  I might add some ink to make them stand out a bit. Not necessary at the moment.
 Close up of the inside

 close up of acrylic & ruler

 close up of inside ruler & grooves

  • THE SURFACE: Paper does stay put pretty good - which I could't believe from the HSN video :) 
    • AFTER STAMPING: Sometimes it came back up after stamping, but no big deal (it actually lifted in my video, so you can see it).  
    • As a test (not on my video) I also added a thin magnetic sheet to mine to see if that would work better, it did. Not enough of a problem to warrant it in my opinion.
  • STAMPING: The groves make no difference to the quality of the stamping, I actually thought it would. I even tried a stamp of a thin line right on the grooves and it stamped perfectly. I also stamped a solid stamp and it worked great. Here is a comparison between the three techniques. Photo 2 is from the video mentioned above.
 1st try. Not on video

 2nd try: On video

  • STAMP SIZES:  The largest size stamp you can use is 7" x 7", which is the size of the platform. Paper can be as larger as you want. 
I especially loved that I can use my 6" x 6" background stamps, which I have never been able to use properly!!!  
I always had a hard time stamping them even upside down, like Kristina Werner does :)
 Not sure why!  
So this was a HUGE selling point for me.

Why I got it: Background stamps!

  • TYPE of STAMPS:  ANY!!! You can use thin photopolymer & the thick rubber stamps with foam or cling  (like the Stampin up ones).  There is no need to add or take away anything on the machine, because the hinges accommodate the thickness of the stamp!!! GENIUS!! I think the WRMK people have been in business for a while now and know what they are doing!! Here a picture of the hinges..the go up and down based on the thickness of your stamp!
  hinges, 9 in total!

Other info you might want to know about the 

I love the size of the tool 7" x 7", but more importantly the bottom and left sides are not obstructed so your paper can be longer than 7".  Check out the video! This is not the case in other, similar stamping tools.

The back has 4 rubber feet.


Rubber stopper on left corner & a place to slide your finger in when you have a paper in there.


If you are a perfect stamper, who NEVER makes a stamping mistake...NO, you don't need this tool. 
Save your pennies and get more stamps!

If you mess up from time to time...get it!!!
you like your images to be a bit darker...get it!!!
If you can't stamp in a straight line to save your soul...get it!!! (This is me by the way!)

My Precision Press bundle came with 5 multi-step stamps 
& 6 ink cubes.  Pictures are included below. BTW: This bundle sold out before the October Craft day ended at HSN. 


I hope my review was useful to you and if you are still thinking about it, don't! 
JUST Get it, try it out for yourself. 
Learn to use it and practice!!!
If you don't like it, return it!

Opinions expressed here are my own. 
I paid for my Precision Tool in full, 
& I am not getting paid for this review. 
My review was honest and from the heart.

If you disagree with my opinion, do so respectfully.
If you have hurtful, derogatory comments leave them on your own blog, not here!

Going to play some more now :)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Did you know I have a YouTube channel?


Just a quick hello 
a note to let you know 
 I changed the name 
of my YouTube channel 
to better match my blog.

My YouTube channel's new name:

Click on the link and check out my videos!

I love my filofax, BuJoing, Copic coloring, scrapbooking, and card making!  

I love to share tips and trick as well!

I hope you join me there also!


PS. My YouTube's channel's old name was:
 Yar from The Spanish Classroom,
 in case you watch any of the old videos 

Take 2 : Three Amigos Purple

This cutie is Take 2, I basically used he same goodies as Take 1, but changed the colors.  I do love to color critters in fun and bright you can see!

What did I use?
Cat: Mama Elephant: Three Amigos
Wood Grain panel: Stampin Up Truly Grateful
Die 1: Square stitched dies b My Creative Time
Die 2: Wonky rectangle by Gina Marie (my favorite at the moment)

Also see my 2016 EXPO Haul Video here  


This cutie

Monday, October 10, 2016

Take 1: Three Amigos - orange


Recently I went to the Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO 
and met the most amazing, awesome, and sweet people you will ever meet!!  
But I especially met three ladies who touched my heart with their kindness.  
To thank them, I thought "What better way than a cute card using my brand new stamp sets?"

So that is how & why these few cards were created.  
This one is take 1, but I created 4 of them using different colors. 

What did I use?
Cat: Mama Elephant: Three Amigos
Wood Grain panel: Stampin Up Truly Grateful
Die 1: Square stitched dies b My Creative Time
Die 2: Wonky rectangle by Gina Marie (my favorite at the moment)

I re-created this card a few more times...see takes 2-4 :)  
Coming up in the next few days!!
PS: If you have never been to an EXPO convention..pack your bags 
and buy your ticket....they are amazing!!!  

I will be entering this card on the Neat and Tangle Challenge 73

Also see my EXPO Haul Video here  


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fancy edge cards & How to video

Do you like that fancy edge on my card? :)


I love, love, love using thin metal dies in my cards and projects.
And always try to purchase ones that I can use over and over. 

Needless to say I have rectangles, squares, ovals, and circles galore, 
and use them in every single card!!!

But every time I think I have everything I will ever need 
MFT comes out with something new :) 
Yeah, you feel me, right?

So here it is: MFT came out with Stitched Basic Edge dies.
Yeap...another set I must have.  

But my engineering degree came to my rescue...again :) 
I am looking at the angles and figured I could do that too.  

My solution: re-invent the way I use my shaped dies.
I got so excited I even made a video!!!

Card 1. I used Stitched rectangle dies from Lawn Fawn

Card 2. I used the largest oval from Stampin Up Oval framelits.

Do you have tons of dies...give it a go!

more info:
Both cards used images from 2CuteInk! 
Like to color?:  Try online classes with Kit & Clowder!

I will entered these card in the Neat & Tangle Challenge # 73

Hope you enjoyed this!
Gracias y adiós,


Friday, October 7, 2016

Take 2: Bicycle2Stamp & Up and Away : Pink

I liked how the yellow balloons looked, but I wanted more pink :)
No-one is complaining, right?

What did I use? - Same as last card...
Bike: Stamps of Life Bicycle2stamp 
Balloons: Mama Elephant's Up and Away stamp set.
 Lawn Fawn: Stitched rectangle dies
Copic Markers
Tons of Wink of Stella
Glossy Accents

I think I like this one better. 
What do you think?

I will be entering this card in the Neat and Tangle Challenge 73


Monday, October 3, 2016

Bicycle2Stamp and Up & Away : yellow

Have you ever watched a YouTube video, dropped everything, and started stamping?  
This is how this card and a few like it were created :)

For today's card I am CASIng someone else's design...sorry I don't know who. 
But they used a bicycle stamp and balloons and I just loved it.  

What did I use?
I recreated their card using the Stamps of Life Bicycle2stamp 
and the balloons are from Mama Elephant's Up and Away stamp set.
I also used the Wonky rectangle dies by Gina Marie Designs.
Of course....Copics were my coloring tool of choice, 
below you can see which one I used.
Tons of Wink of Stella o the Balloons and Glossy Accents!

I hope you loved it!