Sunday, February 5, 2017

Thank you for the many Birthday Wishes!!!


I love card making, it is one of my favorite things to do. 

I love it so much that when in 2015 my friend Heidi invited me to participate 
in a Monthly Birthday Club I jumped at the opportunity.  

What it entails:  Each month I make and mail 3 birthday cards to celebrate the bday of 3 ladies in my group (don't worry about the logistics - it works out). 
On my birthday month:  The ladies send me cards!!! Woohoo!!!!

I have included pictures of them throughout the blog post!!!  
Most cards are from the Birthday Club, 
but some are from other Facebook groups and friends!

Picture 1. 

Why I love it so much: It is exciting to see all the cards trickling in one by one! 
The first year I opened as they came, 
but this year (2017) I waited until my birthday and opened them all at once!!! 
My birthday is at the end of January so must cards had arrived by then,
although it is February 4th already and I got one last night :)

Most cards come from the USA, but I have gotten cards from 
Sweden, UK, and Spain so far.  
It's fun to see their paper and stamps...some I have never seen!! 
 See...this is even a cultural experience!

They are also a source of inspiration, for when I need a little push to start creating again! 
I love how many of use use the same supplies differently!

Picture 2. 

Is time an issue? Make showing your love the issue:
I know we are ALL so busy, and we think sending someone a 
text message on their birthday is enough - well it isn't. 
Take time out of your busy schedule for a quick phone call.  
Maybe send a card ahead of time or make one yourself!
Handmade cards don't need to be perfect, but they need to be made with love.

Picture 3.

I am a year older and a year happier to be lucky enough to be alive 
and soon healthy 
(I have had a nasty cold/flu/virus whatever it is
 that is going around, etc. since Christmas). 
Either way, life is a gift from God and we should cherish it.

I've included the cards I have gotten so far! 
My family made me one's in there!!! 
It's handmade, homemade and made with my very own supplies. 
(I won't get into the mess they left behind)
And it was my favorite!! 
I will keep it forever and read it often.  
Especially after a hard day, when they have pushed all my buttons
and it will remind me that I do love them and they do love me :)
Because that is real life & real family!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and all happiness your cards brought me!
Ohh I know I have one more coming from my friend Dena - 
she is running late this year :) she already told me!!!

¡¡Gracias!! ¡¡Adiós!
(A year wiser...jijijiji...Let's hope!)

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