Thursday, January 5, 2017

How do you store your taller MFT stamps?


Happy New Year...Feliz Año Nuevo 2017

Organization is always a hot topic after the Holidays...
if you, like me, made it in the NICE list that is :)

Santa gifted me with several new stamp sets. 
Among them a few are from MFT, which tend to be a little taller than most.

The issue: The taller 4" x 8" MFT stamp sets do not fit in the regular pockets I currently use. 
 See picture below.

My current method of stamp storage: Avery Elle Stamp Storage pockets.
Avery Elle Pocket Size:  Approximately 5 3/8" x 7 1/4"

What to do?
Option 1: Buy larger pockets. MFT sells them.
Option 2: Make your own taller pocket. I made a video for this option.

Those two options are not really good for me at the moment,
since my Avery Elle pockets are in cubes, which height is set at 7 1/2".  
Soooo...taller pockets are a no go!

What do I do now?
- Make the MFT stamps fit into my current stamp pocket system!!

Change the configuration of the stamp set to be wider instead of taller. below!!!
or watch the video
I made 2 videos :)


For this I re-arranged the stamps!!!

I tried to keep most in the same spot they were, 
that way I kept the integrity of the way the stamp set looked as best I could.
Then I repositioned the ones that were over the 7" mark.  

For this set I moved 6 of the stamps:
The elf with the gift,
the stocking,
I hope Santa spoils you rotten,
You are a friend like no-one elf
the snowflakes, and
the ornament.

This photo shows the AFTER and the BEFORE :)

Just in case a link to this video is here.  
Apparently the video cut off :( and yes I deleted the footage!

I also taped the process using MFT's Adorable Elephants!!!
The full video is here 


In this videos I used the Precision Tool from WRMK.
Here is a video explaining how the tool works.
It's fantastic BTW!!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post
and the info in it helps as you get your new goodies organized.

Talk soon.

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