Monday, May 29, 2017

I magnetized my WRMK Precision Press Tool & YouTube video!!


I am beyond excited about this amazing idea!
I love, love, love my WRMK Precision Press Tool! 
(As much as many of you love your Misti, Hampton Art, or Tim Holtz)

[When I got it I made a review video - 
I will link that video at the bottom of this post]

But one of the things I wished it had was a magnetized platform 
to prevent the paper from lifting.
Lifting not moving, 
since the WRMK has a rough surface and the paper doesn't really move. 
However, if your stamp is too juicy, the moisture lifts the paper.

Here is the quick fix!!!
Solution: Magnetize your platform!!!
How, you asked?: 
Glue tiny magnets to the bottom of the WRMK's platform and voila!

The technology is the same as the one WRMK has on their 
Genius Magnetic Platform, 
so I am wondering why they didn't just do it here as well.

I wrote a detailed step by step below and added hints to ease your process!
If you don't want to read it, but see it being done..go straight to the video :)

My video tutorial

For us readers......

What will you need to complete this project?

  • WRMK Precision Press Tool
  • Round magnets: Quantity: 40-50
    • Magnet dimensions/size: 8mm x 1mm (this is what I used)   
    • Another option: 8mm x 2mm would work
    • Note: 8mm is the diameter and the 1mm is the thickness
    • Note: a magnet that is 3mm in thickness is too thick.
  • Adhesive: I used Loctite (make sure it can be used on plastic)
  • A permanent marker: to mark the + side of the magnets
  • A pencil: to push the magnets into place
  • Recommended: Big Shot's magnetic platform- to keep the magnets organized 
  • Time spent: about 30 minutes
A close-up of magnets used.
8mm x 1 mm - Fit perfectly with no wiggle room!
The process:
  • Step 1: Mark each magnet on the same side. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!!!
The easiest wy to do this is by keeping your magnets stacked up. 
So if you have a tower of magnets, keep them together and with your permanent marker (Bic or a Sharpee) put a circle, dot, or line on the top of the first magnet.
It doesn't matter if that is the positive or negative side - 

Once you finish marking the first one, use your thumb nail to separate and place that one on the bottom of the stack.  The magnets will only want to stay together on one side, so mark the top and that is it.

Hint: If you drop a magnet before marking it, no problem. Put it back on the stack and see which side sticks, mark the side you can see - the top side.
  • Step 2: Place about 18-20 magnets on your BigShot Magnetic Platform. 
This helps keep them ready and makes things go faster. 
Place all the magnets with the marking on the top - so you can see them.

  • Step 3: Clean the bottom of your WRMK platform. I just blew air :)
  • Step 4: Decide how you want to place your magnets on your WRMK. 
I did not want to see the pink dots, so I decided to place my magnets dotted side in.  
It really doesn't matter as long as you place them all facing the same way.
  • Step 5: Get your adhesive ready.  
I used Loctite Super Glue Extra Time Control and it gave me about 15 seconds to move the magnets.  You don't need to have a pool of adhesive for the magnet to stay put, but enough so that a bit spills out.  
In my opinion the spilled glue will help glue the sides of the magnet :) 
Very scientific!!
  • Step 6: What happens if your magnets turns on you!!! OHHHH NOOOO!!!!  
This is bad, but it can be fixed. 
Sometimes the magnet will just flip on me while placing them 
on the holes and instead of dotted side in, I could see the dot.

How to fix it: Use the stack of magnets you still have on hand to get it out!! 
Quickly, you only have 15 seconds.  In the video you will see I tried to use the pick up tool - not a good idea as I pushed the magnet in further :) But the stack of remaining magnets did the trick! 

Hint 2: Place the "saved" magnet correctly (dotted side in) and keep on going.

Hint 3: What happens if you don't get it out?  
Once you start stamping and adding a magnet to hold your paper, this upside down magnet will repel the one you are using to hold the paper.  Not the end of the world, but an unnecessary hassle if you plan ahead.  You can always move to a different part of your platform and stamp there.
  • Step 7:  Have a design in mind. 
You don't need a magnet on each and every space. I chose to leave 2 spaces in between magnets, and one row in between rows, whenever possible.  See picture below.

How did I get the placement idea?: I looked at the back of the Genius Platform and tried to mimic their work :) Why re-invent the wheel?

Hint: Sometimes the holes were not formed correctly on my WRMK Precision Press and my magnets wouldn't fit. No biggie, skip that space and put it on the next one.   

Hint: How do you use your WRMK Precision Tool? I know I like to stamp where the two rules meet, I just do.  I always line up my paper with the rulers. So I made sure I started placing my magnets there in a configuration I was happy with.  Not necessary at all - you may start anywhere on the platform and work your way out or in.
  • Step 8: Start gluing and pushing the magnets in place. 
Hint: I like to work in batches, so I placed the glue on 4-5 spaces at a time. Then slid the magnets in and push all 4-5 with my pencil or Pick up tool. The eraser part of a pencil worked best, and if I ruined it with glue, no biggie.

Working in batches of 4-5 gave me enough time to put my magnets down, push them with the pencil's eraser, and still have time to fix any that would flip on me.  About 7 of the magnets flipped on me and I was able to fix all of them.  

HINT: A flipped magnet needs to be dealt with quickly, so don't put another magnet down, stop, and fix the flipped one.  Am I stressing this enough :)  I think you got it.
  • Step 9:  After placing about 8-10 magnets, I tested it. It worked just fine.  
On the video (linked below) you will see me testing it and I kept thinking the magnets I glued were repelling my magnet on the top. 
NOOOOO!!! the magnets on the bottom were actually attracting the magnet on the top...which is what you want them to do.  jijiji  It took me a minute to figure it out! 
But I did so I kept on going.

  • Step 10: Enjoy your work!  Leave me a message! 
Now that you have read it.
Enjoy the video!!! 
I had a great time doing this and I hope it helps you too.
Click here to watch it on YouTube

Credit: This was not my idea. 
A Facebook friend linked me to Carolina's video.
 She is fantastic! 
Thank you Carolina's Creations' Handmade for sharing your idea. 
I will link her video on my YouTube channel. 

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