Friday, February 26, 2016

Welcome to my colorful life!

I have decided to share my crafty creations with you in the form of a blog!
Who am I?

  • I am Yar (short for Yarissa) and I love to make cards, scrapbook, color, Filofax, and BuJo
  • Also a lover of lists, pens, markers, papers, and pencils  
  • I am a wife to 1, a mother of 2, a daughter, a sister to 2, an aunt to 4, a get the idea, I am a family woman and a Christian one at that.  
  • I am who I am because of my parents - mami, papi: I love you!  Thanks for your indulgence in my crafty things! And lots of love to my hubby of 20 yrs- who pays for them now :)
  • I am bilingual: Spanish-English
  • I love school and learning...currently pursuing a PhD, which I should be working on instead of creating this blog :)

Why the name Giraffe Creations?
When I was growing up my brother thought I had really long legs, so he started calling me "jirafa" giraffe in Spanish.  The joke is: I am only 4'11' :) Anyway the name stuck, I think it's cute, and it makes me smile each time I think of it.  So, in 2001 when I created my first card I knew I wanted to use my nickname in some form, and that is how Giraffe Creations was born.  

My blog is about ART!
Why a Blog? 

  • I want to keep track of the cards/scrap pages I make.  Creating a digital list (Blog) will help with that.
  • In other words, this blog is going to act as my crafting journal. 
  • Here I will talk about Copic combos I am in love with.  Digital stamps artist I am loving and other things I can't wait to share with you...other lovers of paper, ink, crafts, stamps.  You get the idea. 

Welcome to my blog! I thank you for taking the time to join in on the fun and to leave a kind comment if you choose to. Let's see where this new journey takes us! Buckle up it's going to be a colorful ride!

I can't wait to get started!
Thanks & adiĆ³s,


  1. Looking forward to sharing your journey Yar :) xx

  2. Very happy I found your blog! I love your creations and your tips!
    I am currently on vacation but when I get back i will follow you more thoroughly!
    Xoxo Olga
    My blog is